7 health tips worth stealing from Jessica Gomes

Posted by Rafien Mafinha on 3:17 AM
Swimsuit model extraordinaire and David Jones ambassador Jessica Gomes knows a thing or two about looking great. Steal her tips for yourself.
7 health tips worth stealing from Jessica Gomes

1. Drink lemon and water first thing in the morning

"I love starting my day with lemon and water. I think it just really helps with starting your digestive system and it’s refreshing."

2. Get into the right mindset for exercise

"In terms of my training I think it’s not about feeling tired. I always like to feel rejuvenated like I’m doing the exercises really well and I’m getting a lot of power from them."

3. If you master how to do workout moves correctly you get better results

"When I’m doing the [exercise] moves properly I can really notice the difference. I just feel like my posture and core feels a lot stronger and I feel that comes from doing the moves correctly. And that’s what my trainer talks about as well, that you’re making sure you’re doing all the muscle development and postures and positions correctly. I think if you don’t it can lead to injuries or bad back pain."

4. Up your cardio if you want to strip fat

"Before a swimwear shoot or before a catwalk show I’ll definitely up my cardio. I think cardio really does work with stripping fat." Jessica's fave cardio workouts include running on the treadmill, skipping, dancing, soft sand running and spin classes.

5. Go straight to the source for produce

"I make a point to go to the Farmer’s Market to get my food, it’s just better quality and you can really taste the difference as well."

6. Stop sugar cravings by increasing your protein intake

"One thing that’s really helped me [stop craving sugar] is increasing my protein... A lot of people get the dip in the afternoon where they feel like "oh I just need something sweet" but if I have a good lunch and then a snack with nuts or high fat, I find I don’t crave the sugar that I usually do."

7. Keep meals simple

Jessica's go-to healthy meal is a green salad with broccoli, beans, cauliflower and sweet potato and some grilled salmon. "I just feel that salmon is a great fish. It’s easy to get, it’s easy to cook and it’s got the best vitamins and essential fish oils in there," says Jessica. 


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